Our creativity and professionalism allow us to provide every loving couple with their perfect wedding day experience!  Our sole mission is to make the Biggest day of their lives the Best day of their lives! From simplistic elegance to over-the-top glam, from a small 20 guest intimate affair to a large 250 guest fiesta, TAE Events can handle it! So you will be able to Say YES to the Dress, and NO to the Stress!

 Special Occasions

Special_OccasionsBefore we plan your wedding, let us plan your engagement party! Then we can take care of your yearly anniversary celebrations!  We can't forget every birthday party, be it big or small.  Not to mention the going away parties, homecoming parties, retirement celebrations and holiday celebrations. We aim to relieve you of all the stress and demands of planning family events. That said, hire TAE Events so that you can enjoy life's celebrations right along with everyone else!

Corporate Events

TAE Events will make sure that your company or organization gives off the best possible impression each and every time an event is held. Whether you are hosting a company luncheon, executives meeting, annual conference, charitable benefit, company fund raiser, or even an event fair, we ensure that everything runs smoothly, precisely and, most importantly, professionally!  

Concerts & Festivals

Whether you are an out-of-state event promoter looking for localized assistance with planning a concert, or a not-for-profit organization looking to draw attention to your cause, or perhaps a group of small business owners interested in conjuring up higher sales with a wider ranging advertising campaign, or maybe just a bunch of like-minded people simply looking to celebrate what it is you love; TAE Events has got you covered! We get the ideas flowing and the party going, making your next event, a blockbuster event. 

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